The freshest newbie on the block, baby Odin! Most adored by brother Ryda, he smooched, cuddled, patted and put his fingers in ears, eyes and mouth (haha!).
Any Mumma will tell you how fast the first few weeks fly by, especially your first few days together in hospital, I was delighted to get the message that this little man was earth side…and even more delighted to be able to capture these irreplaceable, magical moments of the Hando bunch becoming a family of four.



Carissa + Luke


The newest MR & MRS WATT!

WOW, this wedding was super incredible. Such an amazing bunch of people, we certainly weren’t short of laughs.
I love how you can actually feel the love oozing in a room, these two are totally adored by each other and their families.
As soon as I arrived to Sandeanie Country Retreat I was greeted by smiling, relaxed faces.
Trilby & I were informed that there had been a loss of three grandparents within five months plus mother of the bride is facing a battle with cancer, how strong are these guys ❤ Everyone was thought of on the day beautifully, Carissa wore her grandmothers special ruby ring and an incredible song was sung by a cousin in dedication. I had goose bumps all over.
Hands down this wedding wins award for the best speeches by both father of groom and father of the bride.
I love how much everyone danced the night away, hence all the awesome dancing shots.
Carissa & Luke are currently honeymooning in Bali, have the best time!

Sarah & Trilby xx




MY OH MY! Louie is a chubby, handsome, hairy cool dude and his sister Georgie is hilarious.
Louie is three weeks old and the family adore him. Georgie was so much fun, playing doctors, jumping on the bed, trying to physically make Louie’s lips smile and dancing around the lounge room.

Thank you for inviting me into your new home Tim & Kara (these guys purchased and moved into a home with a ONE week old-keen!)




The gorgeous Elysse had her debutante ball on Saturday, isn’t she a princess!
I thought it was really special that, as soon as I showed up Elysse’s Mama greeted me, she is has such a beautiful kind soul, and instantly said to call her Mama. As we walked into Elysse’s house she was in tears as her dress zipper had broke… I was waiting patiently in the lounge room, while Mum, Dad and Mama was helping fix the dress, when I heard Elysse say, “why does everything have to go wrong at the last minute”, and Mama Said, “Because it makes you stronger & more determined in life and we are doing this Deb today, You look Beautiful”. It was the sweetest!

Elysee and Traie are that cute.

Not long after While Dad finished getting ready, I took over holding Elysse’s dress while mum stitched her into it, we headed on down to the farm where soon after tears and stress were replaced with, love, laughter & smiles with beautiful friends & family. It was a beautiful location with beautiful people.
Such a pleasure to capture you guys!
Sarah & Sharni
Essjay Photography


The Hartwig Family


Oh these guys are too cute. I worked with Cody for a while, that’s how we all met.
He is such a relaxed guy, a big entertainer and his daughter Maddie is pretty much the same. Eliza made us work hard for a smile, she is just so content exploring and couldn’t care less about what we were trying to do… while none of the girls wanted to be snuggled by mum (daddy’s girls) we did manage a fun session including grandparents. We got eaten by Mozzies and bribed the girls with Zooper Doopers 😉

The reason for this session is that the fam bam is moving on from running the Riverside Caravan Park & living in Forbes, heading on a new adventure… I wish you all truckloads of happiness ❤