I could write a novel about this wedding….but I wont. I hope my images tell the story well enough.
I got a phone call from Lou the afternoon before, her Mum was in ICU at Orange hospital and not looking so well. My heart sank…they moved their July 14th wedding forward so her family could be together and her mum could be present at their wedding. It is every girls dream to have their mum there, watching them marry the love of their life!

There was so many smiles, so so many tears and a hospital full of excited nurses. It was perfect. I cried, they cried, the celebrant cried, beautiful moments. A bittersweet time.
Lou’s mumma made sure her wishes were known and that Lou + Garry still HAVE to have their original day too, with or without her there.
A day about love. Perfect. ❤
Wedding two to come….and you’ll be SOOOO pleased to know that Lou + Garry got to have Mumma bear at THE ACTUAL WEDDING and her health has improved ❤ blessed.