Baby Hodge


A little personal post about our precious little bear on the way!
Counting down the days now.
Hubby + I headed out to my family property where we got my Mum to snap a few shots of us.
Truth be told, I had always dreamed of having a certain couple of local photographers photograph my pregnancy journey and was very disheartened when they declined as I am too a photographer… so the decision was made we’d do it all ourselves.
We’re sticking to that and cannot wait to introduce our miracle.
As many of you know, we’ve had such a long journey to get here which isn’t uncommon but very unspoken of.
I love feeling this life inside me, the kicks, the hiccups and little feet around my ribs.
I couldn’t think of a better man to be on this journey with, my Dave, personal comedian, best friend, and baby daddy!

Mum did good hey!?

We’ll be back snapping away after Christmas.
Sarah xx




Ahhh baby Mac is divine! Meet Mac Rudi Joseph – too cute for words.
Big bro Van is super thrilled to have a little one in the house, he called Mac ‘my favourite buddy in the world’ while he had snuggles.
Such a gorgeous family. We had four wardrobe changes for Mac, poor mumma-HA! washing overload!
I got to look at their super cool teeny weeny turtles, and their fur baby Pia was great entertainment too.

Thanks guys, Sarah xx