These guys are super cute, madly in love and truck loads of fun!
I headed off to Trundle for their wedding, if you haven’t heard of it…it is a groovy little town with a population of a few hundred…The town is known for its unusually wide main street- At 60 metres, it is one of the widest main streets in the country. It needed to be as wide as this to accommodate turning bullock-trains. The Trundle Hotel also claims the second longest hotel balcony in New South Wales at 86 metres! ( enjoy those fun facts off trusty Wikipedia? LOL)
Awaiting Jessie’s arrival Robert was looking nervous and told me he had never been to a wedding and was super pumped for his to be the first, once he turned and seen Jessie (who looked like a total goddess) he cried and laughed at the same time-so sweet!

The bridal party were all so fun and kept me entertained, thanks for the fun in Trundle Mr & Mrs Boyd!

Sarah xx


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