Baby Hodge


A little personal post about our precious little bear on the way!
Counting down the days now.
Hubby + I headed out to my family property where we got my Mum to snap a few shots of us.
Truth be told, I had always dreamed of having a certain couple of local photographers photograph my pregnancy journey and was very disheartened when they declined as I am too a photographer… so the decision was made we’d do it all ourselves.
We’re sticking to that and cannot wait to introduce our miracle.
As many of you know, we’ve had such a long journey to get here which isn’t uncommon but very unspoken of.
I love feeling this life inside me, the kicks, the hiccups and little feet around my ribs.
I couldn’t think of a better man to be on this journey with, my Dave, personal comedian, best friend, and baby daddy!

Mum did good hey!?

We’ll be back snapping away after Christmas.
Sarah xx


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