This is the love story of the newest Mr & Mrs Craig!
Rachel began getting ready at Kadina B & B in Parkes, NSW – the same place her Great Grandparents begun, she wore a locket from her Great Grandmother on her bouquet, which was made out of pages of Beauty and the Beast… Rachel is Disney obsessed and had touches throughout her day included some kick-ass sparkly heels! Matt also incorporated his love for Zelda, Sci-Fi, and Spiderman into the wedding.
Listening to all the speeches at the reception it is clear that these pair certainly felt at home as soon as they met, they agreed they wouldn’t share their first kiss until they got married…and they stuck to it; the kiss was magical! (a bit like a Disney movie!)

They tell me Matt planned the perfect proposal, including a rose under glass. The day was full of smiles, laughter and adoration.

Thank you for having us at your beautiful personalised weddings!
Sarah & Trilby xx


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