Victoria + Wayne || Mr & Mrs Freeborn


I have been fascinated with stories for as long as I can remember.

Why? They make you feel.

Everyone is a photographer nowadays, just being able to take a good image is no longer enough. What sets a good photographer apart is their ability to make you feel something.

And this is done through stories. Take a look at the incredible story of Wayne + Victoria below. I arrived at the crack of dawn when the guests were waking at the camp site to a cooked brekkie by Eat Your Greens.
I am hoping that the images will tell a better story than my words can because the wedding was absolutely freakin’ mind blowing!

Think…tent city where all the guests had to camp, three day wedding festival, vegetarian, every meal was catered for, hay bales and rugs, flowers everywhere, a surprise donut wall instead of a cake from Victoria to Wayne,  a whole newly created last name, barefoot, lace, a pet cow ‘Dotti’, Aussie, live music, earthy, TOMS, heritage cottage, country fresh air, open fields, Hungarian, a tiny country town and mammoth amounts of LOVE!

A moment that I love was towards the end of the reception, Vic’s little nephew says ” you want to know something? you look very beautiful today”  – nawww

Here is Mr & Mrs FREEBORN’s love story.




One thought on “Victoria + Wayne || Mr & Mrs Freeborn

  1. It certainly was the most unusual wedding I have ever been to but a terrific wedding weekend at that! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend from the relaxed atmosphere to the outpouring of love at every event. Well done to everyone for making it such an enjoyable event!


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