The gorgeous Elysse had her debutante ball on Saturday, isn’t she a princess!
I thought it was really special that, as soon as I showed up Elysse’s Mama greeted me, she is has such a beautiful kind soul, and instantly said to call her Mama. As we walked into Elysse’s house she was in tears as her dress zipper had broke… I was waiting patiently in the lounge room, while Mum, Dad and Mama was helping fix the dress, when I heard Elysse say, “why does everything have to go wrong at the last minute”, and Mama Said, “Because it makes you stronger & more determined in life and we are doing this Deb today, You look Beautiful”. It was the sweetest!

Elysee and Traie are that cute.

Not long after While Dad finished getting ready, I took over holding Elysse’s dress while mum stitched her into it, we headed on down to the farm where soon after tears and stress were replaced with, love, laughter & smiles with beautiful friends & family. It was a beautiful location with beautiful people.
Such a pleasure to capture you guys!
Sarah & Sharni
Essjay Photography


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