We had an awesome Summer engagement session, these two lovers are funny, quirky, sweet and I couldn’t stop laughing all session long!

It is funny how we all get a little nervous before a photo session, wondering will it be awkward or cheesy… we certainly didn’t have to worry about that with Jozy, he was straight into it-a natural, striking poses and all.
The love shines out of both of them and you can feel so much joy just by hearing them talk about wedding plans.
Their two fur babies came along, and the coolest Kombi.

Enough said. Check out our radical session!
Sarah xevinjozy-5evinjozy-4evinjozy-1evinjozy-3evinjozy-6abbevinjozy-7evinjozy-10evinjozy-11evinjozy-12evinjozy-13aevinjozy-15evinjozy-18evinjozy-19evinjozy-21evinjozy-20evinjozy-22evinjozy-23evinjozy-24evinjozy-25evinjozy-27evinjozy-26

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