The new Mr & Mrs Morrison! These guys tied the knot in Forbes, on a very cloudy day where storms were forecast at the time of the ceremony- we watched the sky all day…as Jen was arriving we heard a clap of thunder and had two spits of rain-that was it!
The sun shined on through the clouds as they said their I-do’s, I have never seen a bride shed so many happy tears.
This special wedding involved Jonny’s three girls who absolutely adore Jen.

When Jenny’s Mum and Dad knocked on the door, the three girls ran to the door “you should see our JenJen, she looks so pretty!”

The day was calm, and relaxed, no stressing!

Such a personalised wedding, all the little details, a roast dinner buffet, jukebox music, and great wine.
Wishing you health and happiness xx


JEN-12 jen1JEN-14JEN-13jen13JEN-3  jen19  JEN-6JEN-18jen15JEN-20JEN-23JEN-24 JEN-25JEN-27 JEN-26JEN-28JEN-30JEN-29JEN-33JEN-32JEN-31JEN-56JEN-37JEN-55JEN-53JEN-35jen16  JEN-36JEN-41JEN-43JEN-40JEN-34JEN-39JEN-38JEN-45JEN-46JEN-50JEN-49JEN-47JEN-42JEN-51JEN-62JEN-64JEN-58JEN-67JEN-66JEN-65jen17JEN-69 JEN-71JEN-70JEN-74JEN-72JEN-68            JEN-73 JEN-75 JEN-79JEN-78                                  JEN-90  JEN-60JEN-84JEN-82JEN-81  JEN-85JEN-83JEN-88   JEN-86JEN-87JEN-89JEN-91JEN-76

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