Robert + Jodie


Robert and Jodie tied the knot in Wheogo Park in Forbes ,it was a beautiful ceremony that involved family and friends plus their three precious boys!
Robert is such a comedian, always wanting to joke and be a little crazy-Jodie laughs at him then reminds him to behave!
These guys are truly adored by each person that was present.

Jodie wore something so sentimental, a baby blue pendant filled with a lock of her great grandmothers hair in it-her mum sewed it to her dress- this has been worn now by four generations.

The day was warm, by the picturesque lake, a guitar was being played; the ceremony was personalised to suit these guys perfectly.
The day & night went on and many beverages were had- hence the fun dancing images!
Enjoy xx

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4 thoughts on “Robert + Jodie

  1. Beautiful photos. Congratulations Jodie and Robert. May your life together be filled full of love, happiness and good health. ❤️


  2. Live life to the fullest and never ever look back, there is a reason for the future and a reason for the past. Love till it hurts and laugh till you cry and when your life flashes before you, make it worth while. Be happy for what you have done, and be happy for what you have over come, and most of all always be proud of what you have become.
    To Jodie and Robert, we would like to wish you and your family the best from this day on. Sorry we couldn’t be there but were thinking of you. Lots of love from the Lawns. Xxxx


  3. What a cracker of a weekend. We had the best time – so lovely to spend the best day of your lives with you. Thanks so much – look forward to seeing you all again. X x x


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