D’Ombrain Family


This family is certainly an active bunch, with five gorgeous kids running around!
I have photographed these a few times…seeing new additions come and watching them grow.
Our session was lovely, down a little dirt lane by some farms- quiet, open, and peaceful.

It is amazing how good kids are for lollipops!
Sar xx
bDSC_1220  bDSC_1226bDSC_1254 bDSC_1228 bDSC_1251  bDSC_1272 bDSC_1276bDSC_1224 bDSC_1289bDSC_1283  bDSC_1310 bDSC_1312 bDSC_1314 bDSC_1318 bDSC_1322 bDSC_1338 bDSC_1347 bDSC_1353  bDSC_1363 bDSC_1357bDSC_1365

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