Nick + Nadine


This is the special wedding of Nick + Nadine, now Mr & Mrs Daly! They’ve been together since 2009 and have two precious babies.
From when I first spoke to Nadine I thought she was a beautiful person, and after being at the wedding, I learnt her whole family is beautiful.
The girls spent the morning so relaxed listening to music and sipping on wine-as you do! We watched the clouds build up all day, the rain held off until 2.55pm when the girls were on their way.
The rain then certainly made an appearance and the guys were rushing to get a garden umbrella out.
The ceremony was at Nicks mothers place, in her breathtaking garden.

We headed to the ‘swinging bridge’ for some photos… I never fully understood the ‘swinging’ part until I stood on it… I thought maybe people swing off it-wasn’t I wrong haha, jelly legs.
If you are ever in Canowindra go to FINN’S STORE, the owners are lovely and the place is so unique; here we had drinks, canapes and a little relax before the reception.
The Reception was at Canowindra Services Club, the place looked amazing, food and service was spot on!
Take a look through the images, they tell alot more then my words can say.
A great wedding, all the best MR & MRS DALY!

Sarah xx

bDSC_9617   cDSC_9680 bDSC_9653bDSC_9743  cDSC_97643DSC_9671   cDSC_9794cDSC_9747bDSC_9623    6DSC_98175DSC_9846bDSC_98814DSC_9891bDSC_9950 2DSC_9913 1DSC_9926bDSC_0015bDSC_0009bDSC_0047aaaDSC_0884 bDSC_0080aDSC_0884 bDSC_0148 bDSC_0155aaDSC_0884 bDSC_0189 bDSC_0248 bDSC_0258 bDSC_02760DSC_0348 bDSC_0279 bDSC_0289 bDSC_0292000DSC_031200DSC_0441aaaaDSC_0884_edited-1 bDSC_0300 bDSC_0318 aaaaaDSC_0884_edited-2bDSC_0359 bDSC_0375 bDSC_0380 bDSC_0419 bDSC_0424 bDSC_0437 bDSC_0449 bDSC_0469 bDSC_0532 bDSC_0541 bDSC_0551 bDSC_0555 bDSC_0559 bDSC_0570 bDSC_0591 bDSC_0593 bDSC_0617 bDSC_0626 bDSC_0631 7DSC_0922 8DSC_0893 9DSC_0889bDSC_0867 bDSC_0870aaaaaaDSC_0884_edited-3 aaaaaaaDSC_0884_edited-4aaaaaaaaDSC_0884_edited-4bDSC_0968 bDSC_1047 bDSC_1054 bDSC_1057 bDSC_1083 bDSC_1096 bDSC_1103 bDSC_1105 bDSC_1122 bDSC_1132 bDSC_1153 bDSC_1154 bDSC_1173  bDSC_1188 bDSC_1201 bDSC_1205 bDSC_1208       bDSC_1187

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