Lottie May turns the big ONE! She is so so SO loved. Miss Lottie has been through so much already and is such a little fighter. I love all her smiles, chubby rolls and little squeals (like she is an opera singer)
We had a lovely session down by the river bank, pretty relaxed…Frek had to bring the beers along, Lottie drooled everywhere and was such a doll. Leash, you are a wonderful mum! x

aDSC_9428 bDSC_9368 bDSC_9387 bDSC_9397 bDSC_9398 bDSC_9403 bDSC_9404 bDSC_9405 bDSC_9411 bDSC_9416 bDSC_9424 bDSC_9432 bDSC_9439 bDSC_9449 bDSC_9460 bDSC_9462 bDSC_9464 bDSC_9471 bzDSC_9369

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