Aria + Genevieve


This was certainly an entertaining session, little Miss Aria loved to sing and the things she came out with were rather hilarious! Checking up mums top for chocolate, driving with dad, and stripping her shoes off each time there was a grain of dirt in them…. then there was little Genevieve; such a relaxed, sweet bubba!

Issac and Ella, your girls are beautiful! We caught up at their new property where eventually they will demolish all current buildings and build a new home-The location is divine! While heading down to the river bank I did roll my ankle, land in prickles and save my camera all at the same time…. but it was worth it!

Thanks for letting me capture your family xx

bDSC_8655 bDSC_8670 bDSC_8682 bDSC_8700 bDSC_8735 bDSC_8743 bDSC_8749 bDSC_8756 bDSC_8798 bDSC_8811 bDSC_8815 bDSC_8821 bDSC_8831 bDSC_8834 bDSC_8840 bDSC_8843 bDSC_8849 bDSC_8854 bDSC_8856 bDSC_8881 bDSC_8887 bDSC_8892 bDSC_8900 bDSC_8913 bDSC_8914 bDSC_8917  bDSC_8920 bDSC_8923bDSC_8924bDSC_8919  bDSC_8944 bDSC_8946 bDSC_8947 bDSC_8951 bDSC_8954 bDSC_8696 bDSC_8934

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