Mr + Mrs Bullock! These are the sweetest pair, along with their little man Logan, who looked stunning.
These lovebirds met at highschool and have been together for twelve years-wow! Their wedding was held in the late morning, so intimate, DIY, romantic, HOT, emotional, and simply perfect.
Sky had planned so much little detail, creating everything including her bouquet which was super pretty. The cake was made by a close friend, and the entire wedding was very much a ‘family effort’.

No bridal party,  just simple and unique.

As soon as Sky stepped out of the car little Logan said ” Who is that!!”
His Aunty said… “Logan, that’s mum!”
Logan looked harder ” ohhh, mum, wow”

Look through the images, they’ll tell you more then words can even try to explain.
Such a pleasure guys xx

bDSC_7558 bDSC_7559 bDSC_7565 bDSC_7587 bDSC_7603 bDSC_7610bDSC_7755 bDSC_7618 bDSC_7631 bDSC_7640 bDSC_7644 bDSC_7665 bDSC_7670 bDSC_7672 bDSC_7683 bDSC_7713 bDSC_7726 bDSC_7729 bDSC_7734  bDSC_7770 bDSC_7788 bDSC_7805 bDSC_7820 bDSC_7841 bDSC_7856 bDSC_7863 bDSC_7867 bDSC_7893 bDSC_7895 bDSC_7896 bDSC_7905 bDSC_7907 bDSC_7938 bDSC_7945 bDSC_7946 bDSC_7954 bDSC_7958 bDSC_7967 bDSC_7982 bDSC_8035 bDSC_8061 bDSC_8066 bbDSC_8367bDSC_8068 bDSC_8367bDSC_8070 bDSC_8076 aDSC_8367 copybDSC_8082 bDSC_8084 bbbDSC_8367bDSC_8088 bDSC_8091 bDSC_8133 bDSC_8141 bDSC_8210 bDSC_8216 bDSC_8220 bDSC_8265 bDSC_8281 bDSC_8287 bDSC_8301 bDSC_8305 bDSC_8310 bDSC_8390 bDSC_8393 bDSC_8402 bDSC_8452 bDSC_8472 bDSC_8506 bDSC_8553 bDSC_8557 bDSC_8560 bDSC_8565 bDSC_8600 bDSC_8607 bDSC_8610 bDSC_8615

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