The Hughes family


When Tracey first told me she wanted family photos I was super excited, I work with Trace at my other job and she is pretty funny, a perfectionist and major stress head. Tracey is married to Luke and today is their wedding anniversary! Between the two of them they have four gorgeous girls… yes, Luke is the only male!

I met up with them at their family home, chilled in the backyard with the rabbit and had a few photos there then we headed into town.
The girls are all beautiful and hilarious! Little Lola couldn’t keep her tongue in, very cheeky.
They played duck duck goose and ended the session with climbing all over dads ‘other baby’ his spunky vehicle… ‘GIRLS, DO NOT DINT IT!’ they gave me a thumbs and and said ‘gidday mate!’

Trace, even though you  hate photographs of yourself, your kids will look back at these images in the years to come and smile! x

bDSC_7218 bDSC_7222 bDSC_7223 bDSC_7230 bDSC_7241 bDSC_7248 bDSC_7256 bDSC_7257  bDSC_7266  bDSC_7277 bDSC_7286 bDSC_7293bDSC_7264 bDSC_7297 bDSC_7300 bDSC_7301bDSC_7267 bDSC_7321 bDSC_7330 bDSC_7332  bDSC_7350 bDSC_7378bDSC_7336 bDSC_7379 bDSC_7404 bDSC_7415 bDSC_7449 bDSC_7457 bDSC_7463 bDSC_7482 bDSC_7486 bDSC_7487

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