We had such a fun filled afternoon in the Spring afternoon sun!
These guys are such a beautiful family and I admire Allison + Bird for the love they show to their two daughters AND two foster children.

There was Jack Daniels to calm the nerves, a farting speaker to make the kidlets laugh, shadow dancing beneath the trees, some tears too… but plenty of laughs!
Enjoy xx

bDSC_7029bDSC_6836 bDSC_6846 bDSC_6848 bDSC_6871 bDSC_6886 bDSC_6889 bDSC_6893 bDSC_6898 bDSC_6899 bDSC_6907 bDSC_6912 bDSC_6920 bDSC_6922 bDSC_6923 bDSC_6931 bDSC_6937 bDSC_6938 bDSC_6954 bDSC_6957 bDSC_6990 bDSC_6991 bDSC_6992 bDSC_7002 bDSC_7012 bDSC_7015 bDSC_7022bDSC_7025

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