Audrey Emma


Another newbie! Miss Audrey Emma- 11 days new. Audrey has two older brothers who adore her, and are very, very entertaining.
We had a relaxed session, full of hiccups, snuggles and snoozing.
Enjoy xx

bDSC_5389 bDSC_5441  bDSC_5452 bDSC_5360 bDSC_5363bDSC_5450 bDSC_5370 bDSC_5374 bDSC_5376 bDSC_5381 bDSC_5345 bDSC_5350 bDSC_5356bDSC_5433 bDSC_5357 bDSC_5358 bDSC_5359 bDSC_5335 bDSC_5337 bDSC_5338 bDSC_5398 bDSC_5342 bDSC_5383  bDSC_5431

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