Haddie River


Little Haddie River Bentick- 10days new!

So perfect, the little chubba bubba loved snorting, having her eyes wipe open and eye gazing with her daddy.
Born weighing 9 pound 6 oz, she is certainly squishy, and I love it!
The nursery is groovy, and styled amazing. Haddie wanted to watch everything going on around her, her big blue eyes watching my every move!
Enjoy xx

bDSC_5005 bDSC_5009_edited-1  bDSC_5022_edited-1 bDSC_5036_edited-1 bDSC_5048_edited-1bDSC_5015_edited-1 bDSC_5050 bDSC_5054 bDSC_5055_edited-1 bDSC_5057_edited-1 bDSC_5060 bDSC_5074_edited-1 bDSC_5077_edited-1 bDSC_5082_edited-1 bDSC_5092_edited-1 bDSC_5094_edited-1 bwDSC_5032_edited-1 DSC_5000 DSC_5018 DSC_5021

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