Today I met this cute (tiny) bundle of joy-Edison Stanley! Persistence definitely paid off- he was wide awake for about an hour of the session…just gazing around. Little Ed was well behaved and didn’t cry once.. Brax-his proud big brother was full of smiles and energy and could not wait for his turn to have a cuddle! Enjoy the preview x

aaaDSC_3983_edited-1 aDSC_3983 bDSC_3950 bDSC_3951 bDSC_3972 bDSC_3984 bDSC_4014 bDSC_4027 bDSC_4042 bDSC_4051 bDSC_4055 bDSC_4059 bDSC_4080 bDSC_4083 bDSC_4094 bDSC_4111 bDSC_4135 bDSC_4139 bDSC_4144 DSC_4038 DSC_4105

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