C + A + kids


Well, we had a very fun, energised, entertaining session! I used to work with Amanda a few years ago-she is the most loving, beautiful soul you could ever meet and I am soooo happy she has found the love of her life Chris!
Chris has two daughters, Ella and Lilly-they adore Amanda which makes me happy!
Lilly was pretending she had a bow and arrow (sticks) and was going to eat me for dinner…and …Ella… she was a Bull, so as you can imagine there was lots of running around, laughing and getting charged at by a bull!

Happy days, you are all so cute! xx

acDSC_3680 aDSC_3680 bDSC_3677 bDSC_3681 bDSC_3708 bDSC_3726 bDSC_3740 bDSC_3741 bDSC_3744 bDSC_3747 bDSC_3751 bDSC_3754 bDSC_3772 bDSC_3780 bDSC_3782 cDSC_3680

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