Bun in oven


Kelsie, Jayden and my younger brother-Brad. Expecting a bundle of joy in 9.5 weeks!
Jayden was calling me ‘curly hair’ because I do look like a mop head. He is very cheeky.

We had lovely sunlight in the fresh Winter afternoon, Enjoy the preview.
Wishing for an as-good-as-possible rest of pregnancy!
Sarah x

aaDSC_3850 aDSC_3850 bDSC_3789 bDSC_3791 bDSC_3795 bDSC_3804 bDSC_3807 bDSC_3811 bDSC_3827 bDSC_3835 bDSC_3841 bDSC_3847 bDSC_3853 bDSC_3868 bDSC_3873 bDSC_3874 bDSC_3878 bDSC_3897 bDSC_3900 bDSC_3916 bDSC_3918 bDSC_3920 ccDSC_3850

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