Meet little Miss Hollie Nikki Anastasiadis, 10 days new! So tiny and new, weighing only 7.6 pounds.
She was so very alert and did not want to miss out on a thing!
I have photographed the Anastasiadis family previously, and it was nice to catch up since a new little one arrived.
I heard all little Johnnys stories, while he helped take photos with his own camera and was telling me ‘ oohhh yeah, put her like that! that looks just soooo good!”
Big sister Tahlia just adores her new sister and is a great helper! I heard her excited stories about pigging with dad. I was surrounded by boar heads on the walls while photographing… interesting… I have never seen a live one so seeing 10 of them was like WOW- they’re watching me!
These three kids ( and the 10 dogs…literally) are totally adored! Thanks for sharing family memories with me and allowing me to capture this special time guys!


bDSC_3503 bDSC_3509 bDSC_3520 bDSC_3527 bDSC_3530 bDSC_3535 bDSC_3542 bDSC_3546 bDSC_3549 bDSC_3551 bDSC_3569 bDSC_3576 bDSC_3578 bDSC_3595 bDSC_3604 bDSC_3610 bDSC_3618 bDSC_3644 bDSC_3648 bDSC_3652

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