O’Connor Family


Meet the O’Connor family! Today, I traveled over to Eugowra to capture this bunch.
Such a beautiful Winters day for a family session, the wind was like ice but the sun so warm.

I have photographed Ashlee, Pete and their two kidlets on a few previous occasions- it was nice to meet again; Ashlee purchased her mum a gift voucher with us- so here they all are!

The kids were not loving me today and made me work super hard LOL, every bribery offer, dancing around, pulling faces… didn’t really work… but we got there in the end.
It was such a pleasure to meet you lovely people, Sarah x

bDSC_3325 bDSC_3332 bDSC_3337 bDSC_3344 bDSC_3348 bDSC_3349 bDSC_3358 bDSC_3369 bDSC_3377 bDSC_3379 bDSC_3382 bDSC_3386 bDSC_3395 bDSC_3397 bDSC_3404 bDSC_3409 bDSC_3416 bDSC_3421 bDSC_3423 bDSC_3427 bDSC_3432 bDSC_3435 bDSC_3439 bDSC_3445 bDSC_3460 bDSC_3462

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