Baby H


Oh my- baby Hayden is so precious… I may be bias- but he is perfection!
Luckily he is cute because all he wanted to do was cry, cry and CRY. He made Mum, Dad , Uncle Dave and I work so hard for a few good shots.
He has ten long fingers and ten baby toes with a cute button nose… don’t miss all that thick dark hair!
Hayden Riley is 9 days new and weighed a whopping 10.1 pound when born.

I am certain you’ll see plenty of this little man.

Love, Aunty Sar x

P.S I love nurseries, they’re the coolest…so enjoy all the little details

aaaaDSC_3206 aabDSC_3166 abbbDSC_3133_edited-1 bbbDSC_3133 bbDSC_3133 copy bDSC_3134 bDSC_3146 bDSC_3148 bDSC_3213 bDSC_3217 bDSC_3276 bDSC_3279 bDSC_3288 bDSC_3291 bDSC_3310 bDSC_3314 fbb log

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