Meet baby Jed William Maitland- 3 weeks new!
Ten fingers, and ten little toes- cute dimples and a button nose. I have never met a newborn that is so alert, Jed had his eyes fixed on me and followed my every move-must have been suss about the camera in his face… or the sparkly purple shirt I was wearing!
No sleeping for this baby, he was too interested in everyone else!

Mum and dad are proud as punch, and you both should be…he is a cutie.

Sarah x

bDSC_1335 bDSC_1343 bDSC_1377 bDSC_1382 bDSC_1401 bDSC_1421 bDSC_1430 bDSC_1436 bDSC_1438 bDSC_1453 bDSC_1457 bDSC_1482 bDSC_1485 bDSC_1486 bDSC_1498 bDSC_1524 bDSC_1531 bDSC_1537 bDSC_1540 bDSC_1560

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