Shannon + Kristin + kids!


Late this afternoon I met up with this good looking bunch!
The kids are so well behaved, adventurous and hilarious, I love meeting new people!
Enjoy the preview and thanks for letting me capture you all, I know you’ll look back on these images forever and treasure them xx

aDSC_1311_edited-1 bDSC_1224 bDSC_1226 bDSC_1235 bDSC_1240 bDSC_1242 bDSC_1245 bDSC_1248 bDSC_1249 bDSC_1253 bDSC_1260 bDSC_1268 bDSC_1271 bDSC_1276 bDSC_1288 bDSC_1293 bDSC_1305 bDSC_1315 bDSC_1316 bDSC_1321 bDSC_1322 bDSC_1330

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