Meet this little gem, Eliza-Grace who I photographed at 19 days old!
She is so divine, and  a very content bubba-her sister Maddie adores her and wants to pat Eliza on the head or play with her button nose!

Although she is cute, don’t let this fool you- dad, mum and the blankets all got pee’d on! And I persisted for 2 hours (including, nursing and feeds) and STILL no sleep-not for 1 minute!

I cannot wait to watch her grow, along with the rest of the beautiful family.

Sarah xx

bDSC_0638 bDSC_0605 bDSC_0595 bDSC_0592 bDSC_0562 bDSC_0566 bDSC_0573 bDSC_0577 bDSC_0581 bDSC_0555 bDSC_0551 bDSC_0540 bDSC_0529 bDSC_0515 bDSC_0496 bDSC_0499 bDSC_0685 bDSC_0694 bDSC_0699 bDSC_0712 bDSC_0716

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