I was lucky enough to spend most of the arvo with this bunch!
Charlie is ONE on Friday-where has the time gone? I photographed her as a newborn-crazy huh!?

We hung out in an open field, under the glorious clouds…. then headed off to do a CAKE SMASH!
Charlie wasn’t too keen on the cake and was being such a lady eating it with a spoon. Lots of messy, messy fun…

Their pooch’s helped with the tidying!

As I was leaving, I noticed icing stuck to my toe-funny!


bDSC_0204 bDSC_0209 bDSC_0214 bDSC_0227 bDSC_0241 bDSC_0248 bDSC_0255 bDSC_0263 bDSC_0301 bDSC_0327 bDSC_0330 bDSC_0344 bDSC_0363 bDSC_0379 bDSC_0381 bDSC_0394 bDSC_0400 bDSC_0406 bDSC_0407 bDSC_0423 bDSC_0433 bDSC_0435 bDSC_0447 bDSC_0462 bDSC_0486

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