Samm + Kyle


Meet Sammantha + Kyle!
These lovers have been together for almost 5 years- WOWZER! It was definitely time for a lovebird session!
There was one request from Kyle… Take some photos with my bike – Sammantha says it is his ‘true love’ haha.

Their connection is real, and they just adore one another.

Very shortly Kyle is heading off to the Army (God bless him!) what a challenge, but such an incredible thing to be doing! Sammantha will be staying put for a while-so these photos will be extra special for them both to cherish!

Thanks heaps guys,


b2 bDSC_7819 bDSC_7856 bDSC_7858 bDSC_7868 bDSC_7883 bDSC_7898 bDSC_7906 bDSC_7916 bDSC_7927 bDSC_7931 bDSC_7940 bDSC_7952 bDSC_7953 bDSC_7970 copy

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