Family + bump


Meet Jess, Cody and little wild child Maddie (+ bun in the oven) in only a few short weeks this family will grow by one-so exciting!

I have never met a little child with so many hilarious facial expressions, Maddz has the funniest frown-its hard not to giggle… She has this favourite toy- a rat with nun-chucks that sings; the only thing that kept her happy! I was holding the camera in one hand and pressing the button with the other!

I cannot wait to meet bubba # 2 and wish you both all the best with welcoming another little cheeky cherub!

Thanks for allowing me to capture your special little family

Sarah xx

bDSC_6376 bDSC_6379 bDSC_6390 bDSC_6404 bDSC_6411 bDSC_6441 bDSC_6455 bDSC_6458 bDSC_6466 bDSC_6478 bDSC_6489 bDSC_6508 bDSC_6511 bDSC_6533 bDSC_6539 DSC_6397 DSC_6426 DSC_6470DSC_6423 DSC_6468

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