Newell Clan


Howdy, it is the Festive season which means families come together!
I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph the Newell family on the family farm-it was pretty special! One family member was missing-Donna and she was certainly missed!
The kids ate snakes, the men whinged about getting their photo taken, drove the mower around with the kids on it and had plenty of laughs!
Family is so special and capturing it, is just….. a privilege!

This is my last session for 2014 and WOW, what a year it has been!

Enjoy you blog post xx


DSC_5396 DSC_5401 DSC_5406 DSC_5440 DSC_5449 DSC_5452 DSC_5459 DSC_5470 DSC_5489 DSC_5490 copy DSC_5498 DSC_5499 DSC_5529 DSC_5535 DSC_5544 DSC_5550 DSC_5556 DSC_5571 DSC_5575 DSC_5585 DSC_5617 DSC_5661 DSC_5664 DSC_5674 DSC_5697 DSC_5706 DSC_5736 DSC_5740 bDSC_5597 bDSC_5716 bDSC_5718 bDSC_5722 bDSC_5728

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