Matheson Family


We started our session at the lovely Matheson home, followed by family fun in the long grass and walks along Paytens Bridge! Our session also included… jumping over millions of ants, being watched by cattle, wallaby watching, and many laughs!
Three handsome, crazy boys these beautiful parents share, and they should be proud!
I feel so delighted you trusted me to capture your family!


aDSC_5116 bDSC_4982 bDSC_4987 bDSC_4999 bDSC_5000 bDSC_5007 bDSC_5021 bDSC_5030 bDSC_5034 bDSC_5057 bDSC_5059 bDSC_5070 bDSC_5079 bDSC_5084 bDSC_5088 bDSC_5092 bDSC_5127 bDSC_5148 bDSC_5150 bDSC_5162 DSC_5052

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