Little Miss Lottie May is just freakin’ perfection! Such a doll.
12 days new and still sooo sleepy, I love love love her.

Leash + Frek are head over heels with her bobbly little self, can’t you just tell by the images below, enjoy!


bDSC_2787 bDSC_2789 bDSC_2791 bDSC_2800 bDSC_2810 bDSC_2815 bDSC_2820 bDSC_2836 bDSC_2837 bDSC_2838 bDSC_2844 bDSC_2852 bDSC_2863 bDSC_2870 bDSC_2872 bDSC_2873 bDSC_2877 bDSC_2883 bDSC_2891 bDSC_2907 bDSC_2912 bDSC_2928

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