Luke + Jess


Luke + Jess Churchill

These guys got married 4-10-14 in a beautiful private garden, the garden was absolutely breathtaking with magical views of the Lachlan River.

Luke was so calm awaiting Jess’s arrival-just chilled!
The day was perfect, no wind, no rain just glorious spring sun!
During photos with “Dragon” (their awesome horse!) I got a little scared when three big black cows wanted to run at us! We survived & it was a hoot!

Luke and Jess met at a party and sat under a tree drinking beers and talking all night-from then, their love bloomed.
The wedding went so perfect and was an intimate group of 50 family and close friends.
I wish you both all the love and happiness in this crazy world.

Thankyou for choosing me to capture your special day xxx

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